WHAT WE DO Pre-fabrication facilities include heavy handling capabilities to expedite movement of pipe in and out of work areas
Main stream power generation, various water types, chemicals acids, jet fuels, pulp/paper slurries and more are moved through piping fabricated and installed by T. G. Young. Pipe welds for these systems are performed to meet necessary code requirements.
Our welding specialists are skilled in every type of welding needed in your piping projects, from simple stick requirements to techniques used for fail-safe containment of 4,500 psi main steam lines.
For your convenience and added safety, we maintain an AWS-certified inspector on staff to assure all weld work will meet the pressure demands for which it is rated.
Our service trucks are fully equipped to handle on-site repairs OFF-SITE FABRICATION
From our full-service in-house facilities, T. G. Young is able to precisely cut and fabricate all types of heavy-gauge pipe. This benefits you by reducing the clutter and space requirements on-site. Off-site fabrication provides greater efficiency, fewer weather-related delays, and faster installation cycles.

READY FOR YOUR EMERGENCY NEEDS Our 24-hour communications network assures timely response
Our standard of emergency response is 24/7. Our teams and individual troubleshooters are a phone call away. They provide rapid response to process-stopping problems. They arrive in trucks fully equipped, loaded with parts and materials most commonly needed to bring our customers back on line without delays.
Many customers have joined with T. G. Young in developing maintenance agreements for their facilities. These arrangements allow for our office and tool trailers on-site, so that routine maintenance and emergency service can be made more cost-effective, efficient and expeditious.